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How to buy fake FIU degree? buy Florida International University fake diploma in Malaysia. buy fake FIU transcript, Southern Medical University and Florida International University joined hands to develop the “MBA Program for Medical and Health Management” in June 2010. The first session was officially started in September 2010. The project combines domestic study and foreign study, closely follows the characteristics of the medical and health industry, and is equipped with high-quality teaching teachers. It provides in-depth display and teaching. The operation mode and characteristics of the US medical and health field are aimed at cultivating both Chinese and American management practices. With an international vision that understands the rules of operation in the field of medicine and health, it can display a comprehensive management talent in the field of “forever sunrise industry” - medicine and health.
The characteristics of the project (program features): 1. The first MBA program in medical and health management in China. The MBA program of medical and health management closely follows the characteristics of the medical and health industry, with a view to cultivating compound talents who understand both the operational rules and the management of the US medical and health fields to help solve the multidisciplinary crossover and commercial operation mode in the global medical and health industry. The complex problems brought about by the change" meet the huge demand emerging from the society. 
2. Receive a globally recognized degree. Upon completion of this program, you will receive an MBA in Medicine and Health Management from Florida International University. The Chinese Ministry of Education recognizes the FIU's degree certificate.
3. Strong industry teacher resources. The School of Humanities and Management of Southern Medical University has gathered a number of outstanding senior management personnel with rich management practical experience and management theory foundation in the field of medicine and health for many years of accumulation in the industry. They will provide a wealth of management practical courses for the students of this project (optional / Lecture).
4. Expand the multinational occupational space. In the second year, the FIU in the United States and the MBA students from the United States who have management experience in the medical and health industry have mixed classes. Enjoy all the services provided by FIU Business School, including those provided by the Career Development Management Office. Excellent students have the opportunity to work in the United States when they graduate. Those who choose to return to China after graduation will be recommended to the domestic medical and health institutions by the Ministry of Career Development of the project. Can I get a FIU certificate quickly?
5. Scholarships. FIU and Southern Medical University respectively set up scholarships, the maximum amount can cover all tuition and living expenses in the United States for one year.

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