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t City Guilds NVQ level 3 certificate
The London City Industry Association (London City Industry Association, referred to as the following City Industry Association) is a vocational skills education organization jointly established by the City of London and 16 trade unions in 1878. In 1884, City&Guilds became a nationwide vocational education and qualification examination and certification body. As the UK's leading professional qualifications organization, City&Guilds has been serving universities, corporations, industry associations and government agencies for more than 120 years. The City&Guilds certificate covers 22 professional fields, totaling more than 500. City&Guilds is qualified internationally. It has been widely recognized as a worldwide standard of professional skills. These recognitions come from all levels of higher education, industry and employers. Purchase fake UK certificate, How to get City Guilds NVQ level 3 certificate fast?
In many countries and regions, the City&Guilds certificate has become synonymous with industry skill standards. More than 14 million people worldwide hold the City&Guilds certificate. In recent years, City&Guilds has issued more than one million certificates each year, and in the UK there is one City&Guilds certificate for every five households. The holder includes many celebrities and government dignitaries. buy fake UOL degree, buy City Guilds NVQ level 3 certificate, buy certificart.
City&Guilds is now responsible for the issuance of around 52% of the UK's domestic vocational and technical grades. City&Guilds has three national and nine regional institutions in the country, while the authorized 8,500 centers are located all over the world.
Therefore, the impact of the City&Guilds certificate is much more than just the English-speaking countries. The City&Guilds certificate is divided into 8 levels. Level 3 certificate winners can be exempted from entering the university. Level 5 certificate winners can join professional organizations such as the Engineers Association. Level 8 Certificate (Advanced Award) is the Association Honorary Fellowship Title (FCGI), awarded 10 in March and October each year. Applicants are extremely demanding and must be members of the board of directors of multinational corporations, ministers of the British National Government, well-known professors of the Commonwealth National University, Brigadier General of the British Army, or internationally renowned technical experts in a field, recognized by the United Kingdom and the West. The highest level of non-academic honor.

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