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Family and school background influence young people to accept university

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The first study on the impact of genetics and the environment on higher education showed that family and school backgrounds had a significant impact on whether young people entered college, but had no effect on their academic performance after enrollment. Researchers at King's College London conducted a study of 3,000 identical and fraternal twins in the UK and another 3,000 people, trying to find out which factors determine a person's academic performance after entering college and after school. The findings were published in the journal Science Report. Whether high school graduates can enter university, genetic factors account for 51%. Researchers say that the “common environment” – mainly school and family background – accounts for 36%, while the “non-common environment” that reflects individual conditions accounts for 13%. Although the study did not specifically analyze the socioeconomic background of students, the findings of the study support the view that adolescents from poor and disadvantaged families are less likely to receive university education than their peers, even if their genes are The conditions are very favorable. Researchers suggest that admissions policies should take these social factors into account more.

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